Watch our stories catalog

The BID produces videos + documentaries to share the stories of our small businesses, public art projects, and community initiatives. See our growing catalog below of productions taking a deeper look into the work we do and its impact on the community.

Don Rimx X 609 Grand: “Olor a Azucenas, el Perfume del Barrio” (2019)
Produced by Owley, this documentary followed artist Don Rimx as he created a community mural at 609 Grand Street. The mural depicts a man known in San Juan for selling Azucenas (white lillies) and carrying their scent through the streets. Don Rimx transforms this merchant into a symbol representing both the Puerto Rican heritage of the Grand Street neighborhood and robust small business community.

Chris Jehly X 98 Bushwick: “Internal View” (2019)
Produced by Owley, this documentary additionally covers our 2019 mural project. Drawing inspiration from spontaneity, Jehly takes in the sights and sounds of his surroundings when creating his art works. Here Chris painted the gates at Grand Seafood and turned the vibrant, bright, summer day on Grand Street into three distinct surrealist pieces.

Life is Grand (2018)
The Grand Street BID works diligently behind the scenes to create the most desirable + welcoming space to live, work, and shop. However, our work wouldn’t have nearly the impact without the strong sense of community that exists in our district. This video celebrates the success of our placemaking efforts, and the community that makes our work possible.

Grand Street—All Flavors of Life (2019)
Produced by Owley, our Grand Street neighborhood is special because of our diversity. The meeting of the historically Italian neighborhood to the north and Puerto Rican neighborhood to the south, marked by the transition at Grand Street from Graham Ave (Via Vespucci) to (Avenue of Puerto Rico), has always made our shopping corridor a melting pot. See how the mix of backgrounds and cultures of our small businesses come together to create this neighborhood nexus on Grand Street.